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Line based on Dead Sea mud

This is cosmetics line for hair, face and body based on Dead Sea mud.

This is cosmetics products by Israel manufacturer, which can form the basis of your own brand. It contains valuable components, including minerals from Dead Sea, which have unique organoleptic properties. Manufacturer has developed its own technology of processing mud into a biologically active product that can quickly interact with skin cells, saturating them with sulfate electrolytes compounds. Accessorial elements in medical shampoos, hair and face masks, hands and legs creams, body gels are natural oils, plant extracts and vitamin complexes. They enhance the healing effects of Dead Sea mud and minerals by moisturizing, nourishing and caring of your body. Another secret component of cosmetic line is algae Dunaliella. This single-celled organism is a valuable source of B-carotene, glycerol, and also antioxidants, which are valuable components in the cosmetic industry.

Choose these series cosmetic products for your own brand, and you can quickly conquer an audience thanks to the unique properties of the product.

Dead Sea health-improving products

Gifts of Dead Sea are valuable biologically active substances with unique properties. Interacting with human’s body, they have healing effects on it, especially on skin, hair and nails. Thanks to this, cosmetics based on Dead Sea mud and minerals are a benchmark in effective, professional care of your body. To create your own brand you can use already finished products based on highly concentrated salts and Dead Sea mud. Thanks to their special organoleptic properties, Dead Sea mud and salts quickly penetrate into the cellular structures of epidermis and hair follicles, triggering the regeneration processes, saturating them moisture and mineral substances. On that principle based on product line for prevention and recovery,

which you can take as the basis of your own cosmetic brand.

We present to your attention:
  • Dead Sea mud for face, hair and body masks;
  • Scrubs based on Dead Sea salt with addition of aromatic oils - it is ideal bases as for SPA salons, as well as for use at home;
  • Dead Sea salts with aromatic oils for relaxing baths and SPA procedures.

This product is a unique preventive and health-improving product, known all over the world for its medicinal properties.

Your task is to contrive brand concept, and success of the buyers is guaranteed!

Anti-age line for face and body

Anti-age cosmetics are one of the most profitable segments of the cosmetic industry. Anti-wrinkle products, lightening lotions and anti-pigmentation creams, ultra-moisturizing and antioxidant serums can be used to create your own cosmetic brand. We presented line of anti-age preparations for face and body based on microencapsulated vitamin complexes, minerals, hyaluronic acid, collagen, peptides and plant extracts.

It includes:
  • face creams (day cream (SPF-15-25), night cream and against wrinkles);
  • serums for the face;
  • scrubs and peels;
  • products for washing;
  • creams and cream for body;
  • face masks.

They are based on the patented technology of encapsulating biologically active components, thanks to which the active elements of the products are fully preserved. Use the presented products for your own brand, and get high profit from sales!

Professional masks

Face masks are present in almost all series of professional cosmetics. They are used as a self-care face skin, as well as in the salon SPA-procedures. Professional cosmetics are characterized by a higher concentration of biologically active additives, which take care of the skin. You can see the products of Israel cosmetics manufacturer.

You can use the following ready-made face masks:
  • ultra-moisturizing masks based on Dead Sea minerals with hyaluronic acid, green tea extract and menthol;
  • rejuvenating masks based on golden algae, collagen and vitamin C;
  • anti-age masks with red seaweeds, vitamins C and E, collagen; for oily skin masks with chamomile, bark of cinnamon tree and extract of red seaweed;
  • cleansing masks based on red seaweed, charcoal and Dead Sea salts.

Choose a suitable version of the package for 5 or 36 masks and use the finished product at the heart of your own line of professional cosmetics.

Premium line (for face)

In the heart of exclusive cosmetics is the highest quality composition, aimed at comprehensive and targeted skin care. Primarily, premium class line is distinguished by an abundance of active components in formula.

Here you are a line of professional premium class products based on Dead Sea mud and minerals:
  • face masks;
  • day and night creams of all age categories;
  • serums for the face;
  • products for skin cleansing;
  • peelings.

Original package is an integral part of branded products, which immediately distinguishes it among others. For you, this is a great opportunity to become a creator of your own brand. So, you do not need to invent compositions and manufacture, we will do everything for you. .

Ruler of means for nails

Care of hands and nails is a separate branch of the cosmetic industry. It includes both decorative cosmetics and products for strengthening the nail plate, cuticle and skin healing. Lacquers, gels, fixatives, cuticle products, hand and nail creams, oils and other preparations are already ready for branding by your unique packaging. Also on the world stage in demand are Israeli gel-lacquers. Our company is ready to develop for you a unique line for nails, which will differ, first of all, by its quality.


Hair care products are billion-dollar cosmetic industry. A wide range of shampoos, balms, conditioners, masks, serums and other products for maintaining hair beauty for men and women allows not only the buyer, but also the seller to choose for them a certain niche in the world arena. A successful strategy is to use quality products based on natural products and successful branding.

If you want to become a successful player in the hair cosmetics market, you can use cosmetic lines from Israeli manufacturing plants. We offer you a wide range of products for all types of hair based on Dead Sea salt and mud, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. Choose them for your own brand and create your own recognizable trade mark.

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