PLC – rich experience in cosmetic lines development (Private Label)

Создание бренда косметической линии (Private Label)
Private Label Cosmetics – team of specialists led by Igor Tsypkin, who has been working in Israeli cosmetology industry since 2002. During this time, was acquired colossal experience, were implemented a lot of projects and established cooperation with many leading cosmetics manufacturer in Israel. We propose our clients to create individual cosmetics line of Israeli cosmetics under their own brand (Private Label). PLC gives you an opportunity to make your dream real in the shortest time! Now you do not need to create manufacture or mediate and promote another’s brand. Contrive your individual concept and open your brand to the world, your Private Label. Our company cooperate with dozens lead cosmetics plants in Israel and proven manufacturers and packaging suppliers. Experience gained over the years makes it possible to unmistakably implement any client’s idea in life.

How we create Private Label?

Персональная линия израильской косметики
For your comfort we have developed a convenient process of creating Private Label. We start from creating brand concept, choosing a segment (Mass market, Premium or Professional), and determining the price policy (Target price). After that, chemists and formulators start to work, they create samples of future products and agree it with the client. After that, next stage is choosing smells. Aroma is a very important component of the final product. PLC Company provides big selection of odor producers in Israel, as well as suppliers of odors from Europe and the USA. At the next stage, the finished formula is transferred to production. Cosmetics manufacturers and packaging manufacturers we select based on the features of the type of cosmetics line, your pricing policy and the volume of the order. Design and graphics of packaging should attract attention of buyers, so this important stage we trust to the best design studios in Israel. In cooperation with designers, copywriters and translators a mock-up of future packaging is created. Creation of Private Label is accompanied by stage of certification and regulation for each region in which the products will be distributed. We not only create a new brand of cosmetics, but also promote it in the world’s arena. Individual approach to company, combined with the latest Israeli developments, ensures creation of high-quality, competitive and in-demand products around the world.

We are creating your Private Label Cosmetics

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